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October 9, 2009

A Little Intro…

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Any writing teacher will tell you that if you want to learn about writing you should read. What they don’t tell you is that you learn just as much, if not more, reading the bad stuff as you do reading the good stuff.

Whereas the other blogs I have talk about other people’s work (TV shows that I watch–Just About Every TV Show and books that I’ve read–What to Read), this is a little different. What I want to write about here are things that I’ve learned over time about writing.

What qualifies me to talk about writing?

I currently work at a literary agency in New York City (and before the worked at a publishing house) and one part of my job is reading submissions (query letters, proposals, and manuscripts), writing editorial reports evaluating them, and recommending or rejecting the work. Another part of my job is writing proposals of our own and sending them to bigger publishing houses for consideration. So while I may not be the most powerful person in the company, I’ve certainly learned a lot.

I have also done freelance editing for a handful of writers, where they send me their manuscripts and I read and evaluate their work to give them an idea of where and how to improve it.

I majored in English with a minor in Creative Writing at Brandeis University and am in the process of writing a novel (it’s middle grade fantasy but I also write fiction and creative non-fiction among other things), so I also have an academic and personal background. (And I read A LOT.)

This is not to say I’m an expert of course. There’s so much left for me to learn, but I find with my friends that sharing what you know is helpful (even if only for myself because it allows me to organize my thoughts).

Before this little intro becomes not so little, I’m going to end this post, but I hope you enjoy and that maybe some of what you read helps.


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