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February 5, 2010

Writing Exercise #8- Writing With A Friend 2

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This is another fun exercise to do with a friend. Without discussing the story or plot at all, begin writing a story. After a couple of paragraphs or so (you can come up with an exact limit such as 250 words or something), pass it on to your friend to continue. You can do this with however many people you want but the idea is to keep passing it around until the story comes to a conclusion.

It’s funny to see how different people can read something and come up with a different direction for where it will go. Can you tell who wrote which part based on the writing style? You’ll see how different voices give different tones/moods to a story.


Writing Exercise #7- Writing With A Friend 1

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This is just a fun writing exercise to see the difference between two different people’s styles. Together, come up with a general storyline, characters, and backstories. Then, write the stories separately. Once finished, compare. You’d be amazed to see how two people conceptualize the same idea completely differently.

What did you like better about your idea? Your friend’s? Think about why each of the elements worked in your individual stories.

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