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April 18, 2010

Parts of a Proposal: Publicity and Promotion

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This is the part where you talk about what you will do for the book. It’s where you discuss your platform if you have one.

For non-fiction you will want to reiterate a bit about what makes you an authority on the subject because this is a part of that platform. For example, as a world-renowned doctor, your very name carries weight and for that very reason other doctors and people in medicine may be interested in your book. In addition, your employers may being willing to aid in the promotion of the book in some way.

If you have a blog gets a lot of hits or a twitter account with lots of followers, these are important things to mention because they are tools that will easily let a large number of people who are already interested in what you have to say know that you’ve written something they may be interested in reading.

These and any other solid venues you may have to promote your book (such as a cookbook attached to a large restaurant chain or grocery store) are always helpful. They add an extra chance that word of this particular book will get out and be on demand.

Do you have any contacts you can utilize? Know people at newspapers, radio stations, magazines, etc who might be willing to help you out? Mention them. Have money you’d be willing to throw in, can’t hurt to say so? Willing to go on an author’s tour and hold speaking engagements? Got some places that have expressed interest in your final product?

All these things demonstrate a book’s viability as well as the lengths you will be willing to go to ensure your book’s success (and thus your dedication). It is more common for a new author in the non-fiction field to have (and be expected to have) a platform of some sort to promote their book. Any little bit helps. It will make an agent/publisher more inclined to want to work with you because it means a better chance at exposure.


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